2022 ISSCA Nationals

ISSCA Members;

It is with great regret that we have to announce the cancelation of the 2022 ISSCA Nationals, scheduled for July 13-16 in Memphis, due to circumstances beyond our control.

Memphis International Raceway (MIR) has been sold, and the track has pretty much canceled all events and contracts including ISSCA’s contract. Even if MIR decided to honor our reserved dates, the chance it won’t happen is too great for us to risk sending down payments for the hotel and individual events or asking members to continue to plan around this event. 

Again, our deep apologies, but this was 100% out of our control, and no one is more disappointed than we are.  The upside is we are focused on putting on a fantastic event for 2023. More information coming soon, thanks for your patience.

We appreciate your commitment and as always thank you for your continued membership, it helps support all future planning and events. 

Peace, love, and horsepower,

ISSCA Board of Directors 

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The Impala SS Clubs of America (ISSCA) is about the Chevrolet Impala automobile and the pleasure of the automotive sport. Since its new beginning in 2009, the Members of ISSCA have been dedicated to the collection, preservation, modification and enjoyment of the Chevrolet’s Impala name badge. GM produced B & D body automobiles manufactured during the 1991 to 1996 production years remain the primary focus of many of the club members today, although membership is open to any enthusiast of the GM Impala badge from 1958 to present. Members have gathered at national car shows, enjoyed a host of racing events as well as communicated ideas from mild to wild on an internet forum. We are thankful to have a comprehensive network of vendors supporting us as well.