Bench to Bucket Conversion

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Credit to Jimpala95

Started on the bucket seat 95 SS console mod on my 94 B4U. Went well got the seat done.

Removed bottom seat fabric then cut the seat arm rest extension using a Sawzall and a Dremel tool.

Then cleaned up edges where I cut and taped. I also used a 95 Caprice pass side seat bottom instead of re-using my 94 LS seat cushion.The 95 cushion is a little thicker.

Three sides of the top fabric went back on by clipping in the plastic white u-channel over the rod rails. The 4th side, where I cut off the arm rest extension, you lose the clip back on option lol. So I trimmed a little of the excess cloth, rolled it tightly over a small wooden dowel, etc…and hog-ringed it on using hog rings and hog ring pliers. It’s a compromise on the folded extension side for sure. I folded the excess fabric as carefully as I could. But I think the console will hide most of it.

Wrapped up the bucket seat and console mod this evening. I used my last couple NOS WX3 items…. a console lid and a pair of cup foams. I had bought these back in the late ’90s.

I had repaired the mount areas of this console couple years ago. The holes were all busted up. I cut it all out and added new pieces and epoxied them in then painted it. Seems very strong. I also had to use two pieces of plastic 1/4″ thick, to make up for the now-eliminated recessed screw holes parts. It all worked well looks awesome. I have 3.5 hours total time into this seat/console mod.

I measured carefully for the floor mount brackets. Ended up cutting the carpet for them, though. Was hoping to possibly lag them down over the carpet, but it raised the console up way too high.

Hope these pics help some who are considering doing this mod. Jim

I also center-punched the drill holes so, after cutting the carpet pieces out, I would know where to drill. I measured from the heat vent duct going back so if this helps anyone use these measurements and it’ll put you right there. You can feel where the console and these mounting floor brackets should go.

My measurements were spot on, as the console laid down lined up perfectly on top the floor brackets.

And the finished product!

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