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ISSCA includes many enthusiasts from novices to hardcore. While the club believes ownership of an Impala, Impala SS or GM B or D Body automobile enhances club membership, it is not necessary to own one to be a significant contributing member of ISSCA.

We embrace individuals who share our interests, appreciate the camaraderie and who support the goals of the club. Join us in the fun! Note your name and e-mail address will be added to our member e-mail distribution list automatically.  We will not sell this information to anyone.  It will simply be used to notify our members of important announcements.

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Join By Mail

If you prefer, you can send your membership dues to the following address. Please make a check payable to ISSCA and send to:

ISSCA Membership
Attn: Pat Whalen
400 N 29th St
Cumming, IA, 50061

Please include our mail in application form.

Membership Fees:

The annual ISSCA membership fee is $30. Membership is for a calendar year (Jan-Dec). If paid after Sep 30, the fee will apply to the the following calendar year.

December discounts are available for Chartered Clubs who will receive a discount on next year’s membership of $5 off per member. $10 off per member if 15 or more members renew at one time.

The Club offers a discounted membership fee, of $15, for active or reserve military. To receive this send your request to for instructions on registration and payment.